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How can I see Trading History report?

At your trading MT4 terminal you can both click at the Menu-> View and select Terminal

Or just press Ctrl+T
Or activate Standard Toolbar by selecting View->Toolbars-> Standard

Then click on Terminal button

At the Terminal you can Right Click and select the period of the report you would like. There are standard period selections or Custom Period selection.

How can I open charts?

Firstly you need to open the Market Watch Window. To open the Market Watch window you can either press on the Market Watch at the Standard Toolbar

Or press on the keyboard Ctrl-M
Or go to View->Market Watch

Secondly, to open a chart select a currency pair and right click on it. Then choose Chart Window

Or go to View->Market Watch

How can I see oscillators?

To see oscillators you can either press at the Navigator at the Standard Toolbar. (We showed at question 1 how to activate Standard Toolbar)

Or press Ctrl+N
Or select View-> Navigator

How can I apply Oscillators/Indicators on charts?

You can either Drag and Drop the Indicator of your preference on the chart you want to apply analysis

Or select the chart you want to apply analysis and double click on the oscillator/indicator
A pop up window will appear where you can set you are Parameters

How can I trade?

To open a new position, go to New Order at the Standard Toolbar

Select at the order window Symbol, Volume, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Market Execution for a market order and Trade.

A pop up window will appear where you can set you are Parameters
A pop up window will appear where you can set you are Parameters

How can I watch my trade?

You can watch your position at the Terminal. We showed above at question 1 how you can open Terminal.
At the Terminal you can see your trading position and all the necessary details.

How much Leverage I can use?

By default 1:200 Leverage. In other words 0.5% margin on any position.

How the required margin is calculated in the base currency (USD)?

You can calculate the required margin by dividing the size of your position by 200 (which is the default leverage) or multiply by the percentage margin 0.5%. Then transform the amount in US dollars based on current market exchange rates.

What 50% Stop out level means?

It means that, when the Equity of your account drops below the 50% of your Margin required then the open trading positions would start liquidating.
Current level of Equity is 8989.17. Margin is 212.26. Percentage Margin Level is 4234.91%
Stopout Level: 50% of the Margin is 0.50×212.26=106.1, therefore in case the equity drops below 106.1 then open trading positions would be automatically liquidated by the system.

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