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What Exactly Is Anti-Money Laundering?

Nowadays, the subject of Anti-Money Laundering has been associated with financial crime.

However, what exactly does it mean?

Money-laundering itself has been declared a crime; it best describes the misuse of the financial system, such as obtaining money from ‘illegal’ activities, such as extortion, insider trading, drug trafficking, illegal betting, and gambling.

Supposedly all movement of capital within a specific financial jurisdiction needs to pass via banks and financial institutions, and its origin should not arise any form of suspicion.

Some jurisdictions define money laundering as money which derives from a particular activity within that jurisdiction as ‘illegal’. Other authorities determine money-laundering as puzzling the source of funds, usually intentionally or merely by using financial services that do not track either the source or the destination of the money. Read more


How To Trade The Forex Markets!

The Forex market is the most critical, and the largest global market. The Forex market bills up to $5.3 trillion in average traded value every day.

How does this benefit you?

The Forex market does not have a central marketplace where the currency trading takes place. This creates vast opportunities for traders to trade.

What are the requirements for trading in the Forex market?

Read more

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