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Copy Trading Platform

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Let the Professionals Trade the Market

Fidelis Copy Trading platform allows copying of the leading FX trading strategies
by subscribing to the most experienced market traders & fund managers,
getting profit easily along with them.

The concept of copy trading lies on the opportunity for the Followers (new beginning traders or investors) to select the professional trading Strategy Providers (experienced traders or fund managers) and copy the trades in an automatic mode. This way by using experience and knowledge of the community of professional traders an increadible results can be obtained easily and at minimum risk.

How can I Start?

Open a Live Account & Deposit

Sign Up and Open a Live Account, upload your documents and make a deposit using various payment methods. Many local payment methods are also available and your Live account will be ready to be traded in no time.

Analyse & Follow

You will find numerous Professional Traders in the List with their performance analytics and risk appetite over the period of time. You can choose wisely based on your personal risk appetite and follow single or multiple professional Traders.

Manage your Risk

In spite you will be following the professional traders but you have to be sure about your risk exposure. So you need to switch between various traders to manage your own risk as you will be solely responsible for any profit or loss on your trading account.

Start Copying Professional Traders!

  • Check available trading strategies and performances of our providers.
  • Choose your favorite traders and add them to your trading Portfolio.

Why join Copy Trading?


Simple & Easy

FCM Copy Trading is the easiest way to make profit in the financial markets. It broadens the trading opportunities whether you are already a trader or have no proper experience for confident profitable trading. Simply invest into Copy Trading and let the professionals do their job.

Multiple Choice of leading Professional Traders

FCM Copy Trading brings together traders from all over the world into a single investment network. Using experience & knowledge of the community of market professionals you can obtain the results you could only dream about.

Diversified Risk Management

Manage and Diversify your risk by copying various strategy from Top Traders and set defined Risk Management parameters and copying functionalities to manage your risk with each Master Trader.



Pay only if you EARN

No monthly subscription fee, no assets management fee. Only performance fee that is charged on % of the profits earned. Every provider has a different % fee, that can be checked under ‘Fee’ section of trader’s profile.

Withdraw ANYTIME

No long term obligations. Connect to/disconnect from trading strategies at any time on your decision. Stop investing and withdraw all your funds any moment.

Copy UNLIMITED Strategies

Possibility to copy an unlimited number of trading strategies as well as trade manually at the same brokerage account.

Starting 10 USD

The minimum deposit required for account connection is $100. However, the investment sum depends on the trading strategies you want to connect to. Every trading strategy offers its recommended minimum.

Get the next generation innovation in forex and CFD trading solutions

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