Let Robo-X manage trading strategies for you

Working hard is the best strategy. Robo-X can help
make it better.


(Risk Warning: Your Capital is at Risk)

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What can Robo-X do for you?

Robo-X packages the best strategies for forex trading in a simple and dynamic way to give you a smart strategy package that learns and evolves with your forex trading account. These strategy packages are bound by an algorithm that updates constantly, and allows you to diversify your forex portfolio with minimum time spent.


to automate YOUR TRADING

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Risk Warning: Your Capital is at Risk

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Risk Warning: Your Capital is at Risk

Get Robo-X and be the smartest forex trader

Define your own rules

Strategy packages selected by the algorithm and set according to rules defined by you

No Emotions, No Mistakes

Make trading decisions based on thorough analysis of market sentiment.

Dynamic, real-time updates

Get automatic, real-time updates to strategy packages and stay on top of the game

Strategies par excellence

Only the best, most rewarding strategies are selected for you to choose from

Lightning fast activation

All it takes is 30-seconds, and you’re all set to begin

Quick to market

Get started in 3 simple steps and begin trading with the smartest tool at your disposal

Be smart, get Robo-X

Unleash your trading potential with the smartest strategy package trading solution

Get Robo-X

Risk Warning: Your Capital is at Risk

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Risk Warning: Your Capital is at Risk

Click the button above to get Robo-X for your Fidelis CM account, or call/write to us for more details on how to
get the best of Robo-X with your Fidelis CM trading account.

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