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Profit from the Best Social Trading Platforms on Fidelis CM

We have always picked only the best of everything for you. That’s why Fidelis CM brings you the best social trading platforms so that nothing comes in the way of your bull run in the forex markets. These platforms enable you to choose and connect with experienced traders and replicate their trading strategies at the click of our best social trading platforms.

How Social Trading Works?


Fidelis CM provides highest security protocols to ensure your peace of mind.

Choose Traders to Follow

Take your pick of favourite traders from the signal provider list and follow their trading trends.

Set Signal Trade Ratios and Account Loss Limit

Once you have completed the registration, you can get your hands on to the subscription instructions and other important information on signal trade and account loss limit.

Copy Successful Trades

As you cross your own milestones by learning the moves from experts and successful profit makers, you always have the option of unsubscribing from the unsuccessful.

Connect with Traders & Investors

At Fidelis CM, we encourage our existing investors to expand their horizons and invite new investors to make an entry with a lot of confidence. Our diverse range of social trading platforms facilitate information sharing on trading, investments and help traders mimic the trading style of more successful investors. With our Social investment network, you can reach out to your favourite profit makers and apply their investment principle and strategies to your own.


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