Get superior service and instant order execution on 62 currency pairs from Fidelis CM.
Take control of your forex investments and enjoy the best risk-reward opportunities of the financial markets with an award winning forex brokerage firm. Reap the benefits of superior professional services and instant order execution on 62 popular currency pairs backed by some of the best liquidity providers in a modern, safe, technology driven trading environment.


SymbolTypePIP Value (1 Standard Lot)Standard Lot SizeLimit & Stop LevelsSwap LongSwap ShortDigits
AUDCADForex Minors10 CAD100000 AUD0-0.78-5.25
AUDCHFForex Minors10 CHF100000 AUD02.38-9.495
AUDJPYForex Japan1000 JPY100000 AUD01.26-6.893
AUDNZDForex Minors10 NZD100000 AUD0-4.94-1.565
AUDSGDForex Minors10 SGD100000 AUD0-4.92-5.375
AUDUSDForex Majors10 USD100000 AUD0-2.21-2.085
CADCHFForex Crosses10 CHF100000 CAD00.56-6.245
CADJPYForex Japan1000 JPY100000 CAD01.4-8.063
CHFJPYForex Japan1000 JPY100000 CHF0-6.76-0.263
EURAUDForex Minors10 AUD100000 EUR0-15.863.995
EURCADForex Crosses10 CAD100000 EUR0-12.611.965
EURCHFForex Minors10 CHF100000 EUR0-0.78-6.765
EURGBPForex Crosses10 GBP100000 EUR0-6.37-0.265
EURJPYForex Japan1000 JPY100000 EUR0-4.55-3.123
EURNOKForex Europe10 NOK100000 EUR0-65-0.525
EURNZDForex Crosses10 NZD100000 EUR0-20.675.745
EURPLNForex Europe10 PLN100000 EUR0-50.72.735
EURSEKForex Europe10 SEK100000 EUR0-28.86-33.155
EURSGDForex Europe10 SGD100000 EUR0-20.540.845
EURTRYForex Exotics10 TRY100000 EUR0-224.5189.535
EURUSDForex Majors10 USD100000 EUR0-10.922.385
EURZARForex Europe10 ZAR100000 EUR0-603.98222.955
GBPAUDForex Minors10 AUD100000 GBP0-13.912.175
GBPCADForex Crosses10 CAD100000 GBP00.35-9.495
GBPCHFForex Minors10 CHF100000 GBP0-4.42-4.295
GBPJPYForex Japan10 JPY100000 GBP0-47.84-27.173
GBPNOKForex Europe10 NOK100000 GBP0-18.723.925
GBPNZDForex Crosses10 NZD100000 GBP0-6.11-64.875
GBPSEKForex Europe10 SEK100000 GBP0-18.98-2.215
GBPSGDForex Europe10 SGD100000 GBP0-10.141.615
GBPUSDForex Majors10 USD100000 GBP00.28-5.985
NZDCADForex Crosses10 CAD100000 NZD0-0.52-3.385
NZDCHFForex Minors10 CHF100000 NZD02.66-9.625
NZDJPYForex Japan1000 JPY100000 NZD0-8.45-1.823
NZDUSDForex Minors10 USD100000 NZD02.1-8.325
USDCADForex Crosses10 CAD100000 USD0-1.56-5.855
USDCHFForex Majors10 CHF100000 USD02.52-11.315
USDDKKForex Europe10 DKK100000 USD012.88-68.255
USDJPYForex Majors1000 JPY100000 USD01.4-8.583
USDMXNForex Exotics10 MXN100000 USD0-46.91716.7374
USDNOKForex Europe10 NOK100000 USD0-2.08-54.735
USDPLNForex Europe10 PLN100000 USD0-24.83-14.35
USDSEKForex Minors10 SEK100000 USD01.687-8.3074
USDSGDForex Minors10 SGD100000 USD0-8.19-7.025
USDTRYForex Exotics10 TRY100000 USD0-166.9264.125
USDZARForex Europe10 ZAR100000 USD0-421.46144.065

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