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Margin Requirements

Margin is the amount of funds required in order to trade. The amount of margin required depends on position size, the market price of the currency pair, and the leverage of your account.
For example, if your account balance is $20,000, your leverage is set to 1:1 and you want to initiate a position of 0.1 standard lots (or 10,000 units of currency) at EUR/USD at a market price of 1.45000 then minimum margin requirement would be the amount of $14,500.00.
In the above example the minimum margin requirement is calculated by converting 10,000 Euros into 14,500 US Dollars.
Using the same example, but with a leverage setting of 1:100, the minimum margin requirement would be $145.00.
The formula to calculate minimum margin requirement is:
Minimum Margin Required = (Position Size multiplied by the Current Price) divided by Leverage

    For example

    Position Size = 1 standard lot of EUR/USD (100,000 units)
    EUR/USD = 1.45000
    Leverage = 50:1
    Minimum Margin Required =100,000*1.45000/50 = 2,900 USD

    Margin Call

    A Margin Call is an alert generated by your trading platform when your account value (Equity) is equal to or less than a certain percentage of the Minimum Margin Requirement.

    Please note that Fidelis does not provide a margin call warning. Margin calls are triggered when your account equity has dipped below a certain percentage of required margin to support your open positions. This occurs when your floating losses reduce your account equity to a level that is less than your margin requirement. We advise all clients and traders to strictly adhere to margin requirements when trading. Minimum Margin Requirements on Open Positions must be maintained by the customer at all times. Any or all open positions are subject to liquidation by Fidelis should be Minimum Margin Requirement fail to be maintained. Margin requirements may change at any time. Fidelis will do its best to inform the client about any projected changes by email and via the trading platform’s message system at least a week before changes go into effect.

    Fidelis Trading platforms issue a margin call at 100% level. This means Margin Call will trigger when account value (Equity) is equal to 100% of required margin to support all open positions.

    Stopout Level

    Stopout is the level at which Fidelis trading platform automatically closes one or more open position to safeguard the client and the company’s interest. This will occur if your account value are equal to or less than a certain percentage of the Minimum Margin Requirement.

    Fidelis will liquidate a part or all of an Open Position in a customer’s account 50% level. This means Stopout will occur when account value (Equity) is equal to or less than 50% of required margin to support all open positions. Positions will be closed based on the best execution prices available at the time to Fidelis.

    Crytpo Trading Conditions

    BTCUSDBITCOIN v/s USD10000%1100.011-652.79-652.79
    BTCEURBITCOIN v/s EURO10000%1100.011-483.5-483.5
    ETHUSDETHEREUM v/s USD10000%1100.011-351.68-351.68
    LTCUSDLITE COIN v/s USD10000%0.1100.0110-108.63-108.63
    ETCUSDETHEREUM CLASSIC v/s USD10000%0.01100.0110-12.4657-12.4657
    XMRUSDMONERO v/s USD10000%1100.011-159.39-159.39
    XRPUSDRIPPLE v/s USD10000%0.01100.0110000-4.6306-4.6306
    XRPEURRIPPLE v/s EURO10000%0.01100.0110000-3.7401-3.7401
    ZECUSDZCASH v/s USD10000%1100.011-177.1913-177.1913
    BCHUSDBITCOIN CASH v/s USD10000%1100.011-61.527-61.527
    DSHUSDDASH v/s USD10000%1100.011-291.1649-291.1649
    DSHBTCDASH v/s BTC12000%1100.011-3.978-3.978
    ETHBTCETHEREUM v/s BITCOIN12000%1100.011-0.481-0.481
    LTCBTCLITE COIN v/s BITCOIN12000%1100.0110-1.4248-1.4248
    BCHBTCBITCOIN CASH v/s BITCOIN12000%1100.011-0.8346-0.8346

    Cash Indices Trading Conditions

    SymbolDescriptionContract SizeTick SizeTick ValueMin/Max Trade SizeLimit/Stop Order DistanceValue of Contract SizeMargin
    JAP225Nikkei 22510110 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 10 USD2200 USD
    AUS200Australia 20025125 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 25 USD1400 USD
    US30Dow Jones 30515 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 5 USD2000 USD
    US500S&P 500500.15 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 50 USD1400 USD
    IND50Nifty 50200.12 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 20 USD2400 USD
    VIXVolatility Index40000.0140 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 4000 USD600 USD
    GER30DAX 30250.12.5 EUR0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 25 EUR3600 EUR
    SPA35Spain 3510110 EUR0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 10 EUR1200 EUR
    EU50Euro Stoxx 50100.11 EUR0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 10 EUR400 EUR
    FRA40France 40100.11 EUR0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 10 EUR800 EUR
    US2000US Small Cap 20002000.120 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 200 USD4000 USD
    KOSP200Korea 2005000.150 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 500 USD1600 USD
    UK100FTSE 100100.11 GBP0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 10 GBP1000 GBP
    CHNINDChinese Index10110 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 10 USD1000 USD
    HKINDHangSeng Index515 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 5 USD1400 USD
    HUNINDHungarian Index515 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 5 USD2000 USD
    BRAINDBrazil Index212 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 2 USD1600 USD
    RUS50Russia Index1000.110 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 100 USD1000 USD
    US100NYSE United States 100 Index200.010.2 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 20 USD1600 USD
    MEXINDMexican Index313 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 3 USD700 USD
    TNOTEUS - Treasury Note10000.0110 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 1000 USD1200 USD
    BUNDBUND10000.0110 EUR0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 1000 EUR2000 EUR
    SCHATZEuro Schatz10000.0110 EUR0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 1000 EUR1400 EUR
    SUI20Switzerland 2020120 USD0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 20 USD1800 USD
    W20Poland 20200.11 PLN0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 20 PLN200 PLN
    ITA40Italy 40515 EUR0.01/10.0010Instrument Price * 5 EUR1200 EUR

    CFD Commodity Trading Conditions

    SymbolContract SizeTick SizeTick ValueMin/Max Trade SizeLimit/Stop Order DistanceValue of Contract SizeMargin
    COFFEE20000.0120 USD0.01/5010Instrument Price * 2000 USD2000 USD
    SUGAR11200.0111.2 USD0.01/5010Instrument Price * 1120 USD200 USD
    COTTON5000.015 USD0.01/5010Instrument Price * 500 USD400 USD
    COCOA1001100 USD0.01/5010Instrument Level * 100 USD2400 USD
    CORN5000.015 USD0.01/5010Instrument Level * 500 USD2000 USD
    SOYBEAN3000.013 USD0.01/5010Instrument Level * 300 USD2400 USD
    WHEAT4000.014 USD0.01/5010Instrument Level * 400 USD2000 USD
    ZINC50150 USD0.10/5010Instrument Level * 50 USD1200 USD
    ALUMINIUM50150 USD0.10/5010Instrument Level * 50 USD1000 USD
    COPPER30130 USD0.10/5010Instrument Level * 30 USD1800 USD
    WTI10000.0110 USD0.01 / 10010Instrument Price * 1000 USD1200
    BRENT10000.0110 USD0.01 / 10010Instrument Price * 1000 USD1200
    NGAS300000.00130 USD0.01 / 10010Instrument Price * 30000 USD1200

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