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Precious metals are an asset class on their own, impervious to market fluctuations, economic downturn and political unrest. Gold and silver have been traded for times immemorial, and even today, the most experienced traders always hold precious metals in their portfolio because that’s the smart thing to do.

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Trade Commission Free2, no exchange fees, & no clearing fees. The transaction cost is the spread, the difference between the buy and sell price.

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Trading Gold & Silver

While other commodities depend on production and consumption volumes, gold and silver follow the socio-political factors and act as a hedge against uncertainty in the markets. Experienced investors prefer physical ownership of gold and silver as long-term investments. However, derivatives and exchange-traded contracts offer short-term investment opportunities for traders to add a secure element to their portfolios. These exchange-traded contracts offer a simpler, less capital-intensive way of benefiting from price movements in gold and silver for traders.

Precious Metals

SymbolTypePIP Value (1 Standard Lot)Standard Lot SizeLimit & Stop LevelsSwap LongSwap ShortDigits

Margins on Metals

Margins on metals are in proportion to your account leverage. While the margins on Gold (XAUUSD) is equal to your account leverage, the margins on Silver (XAGUSD) are a quarter of your account leverage.

Example: If your account has a leverage of 1:100, your Gold margin will be 1:100 and Silver margin will be 1:25.


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